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Traditions Matter: An Interview with Kasper Holst Pedersen of PP Møbler

I sat down with Kasper Holst Pedersen, who is the third-generation owner of Danish furniture house PP Møbler, to talk about why they are in Milan, and about his family’s passion for craftsmanship.



This year during the Milan Furniture Fair, PP Møbler is showcasing themselves in the historic Palazzo Litta (built in 1648). The showcase includes many pieces by Hans J. Wegner, which is a majority of PP Møbler’s portfolio. In addition, there are large pieces of wood to give visitors a glimpse into the production process.

Mr Pedersen himself is a woodworking craftsman, and he is continuing the family philosophy of idealism. He explains this with an example of wood selection and use. There is quality control, and a piece of furniture would only use wood from the same tree — there would be no mix-and-match involved. It’s a strive for perfection. In addition, once the wood has been selected, the wood is then cut into the raw shapes and then dried for two years (yes, TWO years) before it goes into production. Quality will not be compromised even if there is a larger order.


What’s even better is that the company is carbon neutral. Its sustainable production policy ensures that the environment is respected during the production process.

The company is continuing to expand, but with solid steps in the right direction. I could only hope that more people would appreciate companies such as PP Møbler that continues to drive quality craftsmanship that each piece you buy is meant to last forever.


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