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Yves Béhar Mixes Things Up with Sodastream


Sodastream created a wonderful idea to create your own soda at home. Now the idea has been taken to the next level during Milan Design Week with the Sodastream MIX designed by Yves Béhar. This is a prototype machine that can now carbonate any liquid – including liquids with fruit or pulp – which opens up the possibilities for cocktails and more. The concept was in the works for two years between Béhar and the Sodastream team.


The machine even has bluetooth connectivity to the cloud, using a touchscreen that displays cocktail and other beverage recipes.

All of this was presented in a bar called the Alchemy Lounge designed by Béhar inside the Teatro Versace in Milan, complete with a team of “mixologists” who are ready to mix you a beverage. It is quite an exciting concept to be able to have more control over what you drink. As the larger companies are looking to enter this market, Sodastream continues to be in the forefront of innovation.


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