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Milan Preview: The Outsider/The Insider Chair by benandsebastian

I have to say, the first time I saw this chair in all its complexity really confused me. Is this one, or is it two chairs? (Answer: it’s just one chair)

Designer duo Ben Clement and Sebastian de la Cour, together known as benandsebastian, will be introducing this The Outsider/The Insider chair at the MINDCRAFT11 during the Salone del Mobile in the Ventura Lambrate area of Milan.

Benandsebastian The Outsider Insider Chair

Benandsebastian The Outsider Insider Chair

Some more info about the project:

So the chair itself is considered a double construction chair, with ‘The Insider’ a slender white concrete chair with an absolute minimum of detailing, while ‘The Outsider’ is the shuttering in which ‘The Insider’ was cast. In contrast to the slender white ’Insider’, the ’Outsider’ is structurally complex and detailed. ’The Outsider’ is made to be un-folded and de-folded, thus revealing ’The Insider’ in stages – in a form of undressing.

The duo aims to raise open questions about the hierarchy of inner and outer structures and to question the authenticity of simplicity.

So what makes a design simple? Is it just the appearance or the whole process? Just something to think about.

12-17 April
Ventura Lambrate
Galleria Alessandro De March
6 Via Ventura
20134 Milano

Image credits: 2011 Danish Crafts/
Images courtesy of Danish Crafts

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    A very interesting conversation piece.

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