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Puzzle by Denis Montel for When Objects Work

After arriving in Milan, I went straight to the When Objects Work display to meet French architect Denis Montel, who is also the Managing and Artistic Director of RDAI and RDAI architecture. Mr Montel designed a series of “storage units” with a dark exotic wood cover and silver containers placed in a square tray. I asked a few questions.

Puzzle by Denis Montel for Objects That Work

Please tell me a bit about your creation.

This series of boxes are designed to be used – whether it’s a tray, jewelry box or even a catch-all or just for flowers. It is also a puzzle, as there is only one combination in which the boxes can sit perfectly inside the box. Who knew?

What is your philosophy behind design.

I believe that objects should be able to live and play together. Two important pieces [vital to this] are functionality and emotion. The object must also be usable.

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

We are working on some stores in China for Hermès and (also for Hermès) a luxury yacht that is like a moving island.

12-17 April

Galleria Annmaria Gambuzzi – Paolo Curti
Via Pontaccio 19
20121 Milano

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