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Prouvé RAW Collection from Vitra

The Prouvé RAW collection from Vitra is a series of Jean Prouvé furniture classics – newly interpreted by denim specialist G-Star and Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra in collaboration with the Prouvé family. Born out of a mutual passion for this French Modernist’s iconic designs, the G-Star and Vitra creative teams have worked for two years to give some of Jean Prouvé‘s best known designs a fresh and contemporary look and feel, while re-discovering the charm of some of his lesser known pieces.

This series will be available in the fall.

Prouve Raw Collection by Vitra
Rayonnage Mural, 1936, US$4,700

Prouve Raw Collection by Vitra
Lit Flavigny, 1945, US$5,400

Prouve Raw Collection by Vitra
Table S.A.M. Tropique 1950, starting at US$6,790

Prouve Raw Collection by Vitra
Tabouret Solvay 1941, US$1,300

Prouve Raw Collection by Vitra
Standard 1934/50, US$935

Photos provided and copyright by © Vitra.

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