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Pet Snake Eco Bottle Holder Designed by Formfjord for RIG-TIG

Pet Snake Eco Bottle Holder by Formfjord

Next week RIG-TIG will release this Pet Snake Eco Bottle Holder, which is a rubber bottle holder that is designed to hold plastic bottles for recycling. Bottles snap into each of the 20 slots. No more paper bags, plastic bags – and clutter. This bottle holder neatly holds everything together. When you fill it up to the 20 maximum number of bottles, simply pick all of the bottles up by the handle and you’re ready to recycle them. Designed by Formfjord.

No pricing information yet. Availability will be in Europe only at this time.

Also check out the video below to see how it works!

Pet Snake Eco Bottle Holder by Formfjord

Photos provided by Formfjord. Used with permission.

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