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Interview: Patricia Urquiola Talks About the Hosu Lounge for Coalesse

We all work every day, many of us sitting in front of a desk staring at computers all day and never taking a break. Some companies in the Silicon Valley have set up game rooms or other lounge areas intended for employees to relax, or have some sort of work-life-balance type of arrangement set up to make employees happy (and therefore work harder?). But most still have not taken that first step to provide employees with that relaxing environment.

So Ms Urquiola decided to create something that reinterprets work with this Hosu Lounge for Coalesse. She noted that “people do sit a lot, so [we] need to give them a breather”. So this lounge can be placed in the workplace to allow people to either relax, or work in a relaxed environment with the chaise pullout.

An easy concept, right?

Ms Urquiola added that there are many “crutches” for living that prevents us to have a better life, and her job is to try to affect that but not in an intrusive way. And she did affect me with Hosu.

Check out the chair at the Coalesse website.

Hosu Lounge by Patricia Urquiola

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