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Welcome to my home: the living room

It’s been just over 3 months since my last post. How time flies! I’ve been busy dealing with the house and trying to put things together, and I’d like to share the 99% finished living room with all of you. Here it is!

Welcome to my living room

Welcome to my living room

In my post from February, I shared the furniture components of the room itself, but not much on the accents. I added a piece of wall art that I made from a piece of Marimekko fabric called Räsymatto (literally “rag rug” in English), and stretched the fabric out on stretcher bars purchased from a local art shop. Then it was a few triggers from the electric staple gun and I was done.

Welcome to my living room

Welcome to my living room

On the sofa I had a few pillow covers made from Marimekko fabric as well, this time two color versions of the same pattern by Maija Isola to add to the comfort of the sofa.

More to come. I am still searching for an oval/elliptical dining table that would complement the Ant Chairs. It’s been a real challenge. Wish me luck!

Welcome to my living room

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  1. Juan says:

    Hi, I’ve enjoyed your posts, but it seems you must be busy since you are hardly writing anymore. I wonder how your house is coming together. Hope you got everything you wanted, it was a great layout! My wife and me (both architects) are remodeling our home and it’s been great and exhausting at the same time.
    Hope we get to read more from you. Thank you for your dedication,


    • Andy says:

      Thanks very much for your comment! Please do keep me posted on your work as well. Always love to see wonderful designs; and I have seen quite a few from Argentina. There is much talent there that has yet to be discovered by the world!

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